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    Unknown LotusScript Error means you forgot Java use statements

    John M McCann  March 4 2014 01:52:44 PM
    I received this error message attempting to run a LotusScript agent that connects to a database using ODBC and calls Java routines for password encryption and base 64 encoding routines..   It works great when testing on my Designer client when database was Microsoft Access.    All is good.

    But, the real reason for this agent is to handle inbound mail, i.e., run on a Domino server.   I merrily switch the agent to be triggered by schedule and run on the server.  The agent was smart enough to handle unprocessed documents or look in a view so it could be run manually, scheduled, or on various events.  

    I was ready for first time success, yet got the following error message on the console:

    AMgr: Agent 'foo' in 'bar.nsf' did not process all documents successfully.  Check the Agent Log for more information: Unknown LotusScript Error.

    What!   Not a new error.  Google even found an entry from 1996 where someone had encountered this problem.   No, I am not using NoteUIWorkspace in a scheduled agent.   Grr.

    Time for my favorite rant about how the poor attitude towards diagnostics by Notes/Domino development has contributed to Domino's current marketplace situation.  You know which view wasn't found, why not tell us.

    After a few hours of having to rebuild my agent a few lines of code at a time, I finally tracked it down.   Somebody (I will remain nameless) forgot to include the following two statements:

    UseLSX "*javacon "
    Use "javaroutine"   '<< name of java script library

    I hope this saves some reader the hours I had to waste on yet another obscure, worthless error message.
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