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    Sametime user cannot connect after upgrade

    John McCann  February 29 2012 10:47:51 AM
    Because it took me a while to track down (not saying much) and it was another D'OH moment, I thought it worth sharing.

    Last night was the second attempt to upgrade a Sametime Entry server.  This was an upgrade ripe for gotchas because we were replacing the machine and upgrading the Sametime release from 8.0.1 to the latest to run on Domino Server 8.5.3.  Because various folks had the local machine name in the connections and other sundry reasons, we had to do the swap around IP address and machine names between old and new servers.   We used the process of setting up new server OS, copy the Domino folder to new machine, install Domino, install Sametime, then swap IP/Names.

    The first time, we had read the IBM planning documents and staged for Sametime 8.5.2 on Domino Server 8.5.3.   Went through the process and failure.  Tried every which way to get our accounts talking to Sametime.  No luck.  We had a shrinking window of time to get it done.  One of very first things we found is that IBM planning documents had changed - now needed sometime IFR1.  A quick aside - Interim Feature Release seems a strange nomenclature, indicative of some product or development manager trying to avoid a process checkpoint.  So we fall back to previous server and we will try another time.

    Second time, a while later, we still have the new server configured, so just install IFR1 and try again.  Arghhhh!   Still can't get our accounts to log in to Sametime.  Can see the server, Telnet on port 1533 works, tried all different options in connect settings, no luck.  Take a quick moment to have a primal scream and start real diagnostics.   Being a big fan of logging, I first take a look at the log.   What are all these connections doing here.  There is only the two of us, yet a bunch (note technical term) of folks who left their machines on or are remote are successfully connected.  After some additional testing we confirmed that there was something wrong with our accounts.  

    Not to boor you with all the false leads, we finally tracked it down.  Our accounts had been around a while.  They had been around since we first put up Sametime on the same primary server back around R6 days.   That field labeled "Instant Messaging Server" in our Domino Directory entries had been pointing to the old Sametime server.  All the people that had successfully connected had a blank or missing value there.  All the people with a non-blank value pointing to the old server could not connect.  We didn't have anybody pointing to the new server, so couldn't give you results on that.

    So, if changing Sametime configurations, upgrading to 8.5.2 IFR1, remember to check and probably clear the field SametimeServer.
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